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Default Sisters of Battle codex reply from Cruddace

As some of you know I wrote a 50 page document I wanted to hand Cruddace at gamesday, as he wasn't there and they dont really accept work from people during gamesday I had to post it to him. I received a reply from him today and figured I'd let you guys know what he wrote.

Originally Posted by Robin Cruddace
"I'd like to thank you for sending us your thoughts on Sisters of Battle. It was very interesting and you've clearly put a lot of thought into what you've submitted - it's great to see that you're so passionate about the Sisters of Battle. I was impressed with your comprehensive commentary throughout your manuscript, in particular with your analysis on Acts of Faith, which I think shed valuable light onto the way the army plays.

We're always grateful for thoughts and feedback from our customers as it helps us to keep in touch with the 'grass roots' of the hobby and improve both our rules and background.

Rest assured your ideas, comments and suggestions on Sisters of Battle will be carefully considered by the Games Development team."

I can't share my document as it's GW property now but I'm sure people would enjoy what I put together. I've done what I can for the Sisters of Battle, it's up to GW now to listen to peoples requests and produce a codex worthy enough to be called Codex: Sisters of Battle.

On another note I've been reading Hammer & Anvil and the sisters use Arvus Lighters in it as they did in Red & Black. For those that dont know in Imperial Armour Apocalypse: Second Edition the Sisters of Battle were given access to the Arvus Lighter transport vehicle and now they've been using them in 2 BL titles, though by the same author James Swallow.

They also make use of a modified Venator. Difference with the Elysian Tauros Venator from FW is that the Sisters one doesn't come with a weapon on top, instead it has been given an enclosed crew compartment large enough for 5 passengers. So will they be getting a plastic kit for this vehicle? It wouldn't surprise me as it's mentioned by name so many times in the book and I've only read the first 200 pages so far.

The only thing we can do now is wait, we might be in for a very long wait before we get a proper codex. Sometime in the middle of 6E has been speculated, so expect to be waiting for a year or three before we hear anything new about the sisters.
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