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Not really sure why you are looking for feedback for a fun, non-competitive list but here goes...

You have no ranged fire support (lootas, or buzkoptas) so any mech list could give you some problems. I would suggest dropping 1 unit of bikers for lootas.

Here is the tough choice, Biker boss or KFF?
Only having 2 vehicles in your list is good and bad all at the same time LOL. 1 of 2 things will happen, (1) your opponent will use all his anit armor shots of your bikers leaving your wagons alone or, (2) your opponent will shoot the wagons leaving your bikers alone. So the question is do you want your wagons or your bikers to take most of the fire? If you want the bikers to draw most if the fire keep the biker boss, if you want the wagons to draw fire take a KFF.

Also, I like shoota boyz in my wagons but that’s just me.
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