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Originally Posted by MetalHandkerchief View Post
It's Black Templars -> Chaos Marines -> Eldar

EDIT: Reason: The 6th edition starter set AKA. the next AoBR equivalent, will be Black Templars + Chaos as a tie-in to the MMORPG Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online. The following codices will be the remaining races from WH40K:DMO, which is Eldar and Imperial Guard.

EDIT 2: These rumors are toss, 110% guaranteed, it's just BoLS knee-jerk conjecture in the panic that their niche is gone and their website is useless now.
Utter Crap, the Black Templars WILL NOT be the only chapter that you'll be able to choose in the game, so STOP associating Black Templars as the sole chapter in the game and that the new Starter Set will be connected to them, IT WILL NOT.
Why do people see the need to think Black Templars as the only chapter in the game and that the 6th ed Starter set is connect to the release of the game.

The game is a MMORPG and as with any game of that type customization of the Character will be prevalent and a choice of Chapter Schemes will be available and will probably have something similar to the army painter in the DOW games.

As to Eldar i refuse to believe they'll be released before Chaos Space Marines, regardless of how old, (Other releases show the irrelevance of age of a codex hence Dark Eldar getting a new codex after many many years) Chaos Space are perhaps more popular and will perhaps be released before even Eldar.
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