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Reavers - Heat lances are great, especially with their fast movement, caltrops can sometimes b a waste of points but with 1850 I can see it being justified.
Ravagers - Good solid AT, flickerfields
Baron Sathonyx - Haven't played him but he seems to be pretty badass with a huge squad of hellions and has some nice perks for such a tiny tiny amount of points
Troops Choices - Got 5 different ones, alot of peopel to take objectives
5 Kab's w/ blaster in Venoms - Very good AI and potential to destroy something big

Wouldn't run the ponits into the haem, I would use them to give wyches pain token and then drop them away due to the fact the wyches lose fleet with them in each group, can save you some needed points.
Scourges, too easily killed, too many people, I personally and general most people will agree it's not worth taking them, go get some more reavers if anything
Haywire Grenades on wyches - You have alot of AT as it is, save youself the bunch of points once again, most vehicler will move 6-12 before wyches can assault it, making it hard to even hit.
Would spare up points to get a 6th troop choice of 10 kabalites - Even though you have 5, 2-5man squad of kabs can drop easily and cause you to lose an objective and those wyche squads you aren't gonig to worry about camping objectives with them. 10 man with splinter cannon and blaster in raider can really hold its own in cover against anything really, or get atleast another 5 man to keep your troop choice options open to get those objectives.
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