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Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
There's a debate?


This Dex is inferior to the other 5e ones, even Nids.

It has fewer options, fewer units, fewer weapons, more overpriced stuff, and less of a Competitive edge to the one build you can make, nevermind multiple builds.

I wrote an army list I was happy with, and felt could compete with my other armies at 2k.

It came to 2546 points.

'Nuff said.
That's odd because I've made lists that have served quite well at the same point total as my opponent. Do I wish I had more toys? Sure, who doesn't want to try some of those extra shiny things? But I've made do without and do quite nicely so far.

Quite honestly with this army the "secret" is to levy your strengths to their weaknesses. It can and does win quite nicely just because of the extra girls you have on the table (thanks to things getting overall cheaper) meaning you can soak up more wounds overall.

EDIT: Just redid my 2K list and realized I've been using a 1750 one instead. And that tied once against a 2K list (Blood Angels in KP) and beat 2K of Necrons.

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