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Deliver us from evil

A story of Deliverance

Word count 1067 excluding title

The coastal village was like any other across the length and breadth of the Empire. Suspicion hung high in the air as the lone rider wearing all black made his way into town on the back of a magnificent black steed.

He did not look at anyone nor did he deign to acknowledge anyone he just kept his eyes front and centre, his destination his own affair.

Kelisan was a fishing town that had fallen on hard times, the fish no longer swam here and when they were did they were foul, inedible and worthless. It had been that way since the wreck of the Manathlans Spear, a boat belonging to the elusive and secretive Sea Elves.

That was three years ago and whilst no one had been brought to trial for such an act the bad luck followed. There were those that wanted the guilty ones named, shamed and hung for murder, whilst there were others that snorted it was Mannan who had brought the wealth the town had lived off and if them there Sea Elves thought they had the right to travel the seas then they had the right for salvage.

The horseman got off his horse at the end of the street, he motioned a stable boy over, paid him some silver and walked into the Inn, the boy lead the horse into the stable and wondered who the stranger was.

There were no makings on his clothes or his saddle to even suggest if he was from the army, navy, or temples. Curiosity struck the youth and he snuck into the back and sat in a corner, making himself look as small as possible so that he would not be seen.

In the corner sat the priest of Mannan and the priest of Sigmar, both the principle deities of this village and on pretty good turns. Beside them sat their enforcers. Gruff brutes that were paid to ‘take care’ of complications aroused by the priests own lusts and actions

The stranger took a seat at the bar and waited until the room had gone silent as always happened when anyone unknown rode into town.

“Tell me, Priests” He almost spat the words in contempt “Why is it that these waters are poison to the fish that would be so bountiful here”

Both Priests looked to each other wondering why this stranger would dare address them in such a manner. Did he have no respect for their positions?

“Tell me good sir who are you to be talking to us in such a manner” The Priest of Mannan snorted in derision.

“I asked you a question did I not?” The stranger picked his tankard up; the youth could make out the pale hand that gripped the tankard, as pale as death. “Perhaps I can answer it for you.” He turned in his seat his hat covering his face like a shroud.

“The vessel wrecked here three years ago was a vessel of the Sea Elves. Their cargo spilled into the ocean like unwanted bauble. Now, why did such a vessel with such an experienced crew wreck themselves?”

The Priest of Sigmar went to answer but was silenced by the strangers raised finger.

“I have been up and down this coastline and can see no possible reason for it, unless the lights on the rocks warning sailors to stay away on dark stormy nights was changed from red to green”

Everyone in the inn lowered their gazes to tables or floors. This Coast was well known for the murderous act of wrecking, deliberately changing the lights on the cliffs from danger to safe.

When the ship was foundered the crew would be murdered one by one and their cargo would be taken and sold on. Everyone knew it was that, no one knew who had done it but they had not been truthful about why such sea born children, as Sea Elves would misjudge the waters they knew so well.

“You are mistaken sir, for that is a crime punishable by death” The innkeeper, a portly man who might have been handsome once until age and too much good living caught up with him, explained to the stranger.

He glanced out the window as the sea fog came in low this night and the eerie light of Moorslieb followed with it.

“You have until midnight to bring those responsible to the beach head where the lights were turned off…. or you all die”

The stranger got to his feet and walked out the inn.

The fog swirled around the stranger as midnight approached and only the stable boy came to the beachhead where the lights had been changed.

“Please sir, I – I don’t want to die”

The hooded stranger looked down at the boy and cocked his head to one side. He asked the boy if he knew who was responsible for murder.

The boy looked around him and told him what he knew, he told him that the Priests, tired of the money the Sea Elves earnt for fishing in waters inaccessible to human fishermen and jealous of their fabulous cargo arranged for the vessel to be wrecked with the Burgomaster and his henchmen.

The stranger listened and told the boy to leave the town and never come back. Later that night the screams started.

The boy watched from his hiding place the stranger sat atop his horse and did nothing as the sea fog brought the drowned back to life and the murdered to extract their revenge against those responsible.

Blood filled the streets and those caught in the tendrils were pulled back into the whirling whips of cloud to be disposed off by the dead.

The boy closed his eyes as the fog moved back towards the sea taking its grisly cargo with it. The stranger looked over to where the boy sat cowering and made his way over.

“The evil was in the town itself” He explained “I have delivered you from a life of sin had you stayed here.”

“Who – Who are you?” The boy asked.

“I am Mannans Deliverance, for murder on his domain I deliver him those responsible” and with that he rode into the ocean and disappeared beneath the waves.

The village was empty and after the boy relayed his story it remained that way as a reminder to those who did not heed Mannans words

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