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Originally Posted by Stephen_Newman View Post
I doubt that BT and Chaos will be in the starter box for 6th ed. GW has NEVER catered to the release of any computer game to push sales. I mean if they did then undoubtably there would be a Codex: Blood Ravens by now.

I also doubt that Eldar will be a 2012 release but they deserve to be released before Chaos. People seem to forget that the Eldar codex is not only older than the Chaos one but that the Eldar codex also became more bland with its current addition (No Craftworld Eldar book). To pile on the reasons lets not forget that a significant proportion of the Eldar produce range was released for 3rd edition or even before that. Some people want these models (Wraithguard, Jetbikes, Warp Spiders and many others) to have new sculpts since the poses on some are ugly. The best Chaos can claim to is having a few special characters being a bit old.
I can agree with this. Though, being a chaos fan myself, it's hard to overcome my bias for purposes of eldar-sympathy. In Sorte Slaaneshi and all that.
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