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Phalanx by Ben Counter

I bought the Hammer and Bolter ebook collection yesterday, which included the full version of Phalanx. So heres a quick review!

Phalanx is the sixth and final installment in the series about the Soul Drinkers, bringing the series to a satisfying conclusion.

I should note that I own and have read the limited edition booklet Daenyathos and i feel that Phalanx gives a lot more meaning if you read it beforehand.

Phalanx picks up where Hellforged left off, as the surviving Soul Drinkers is bought onboard the Phalanx for judgment by their peers. The chapter master of the Imperial Fists Vladimir Pugh having decided to hold a trial for the renegades, with many other chapters present whom have had encountered the Soul Drinkers in one or the other way.

Of particular interest is the tale of the Iron Knights encounter with the Soul Drinkers, with their captain coming close to have sympathy for them and becomming appointed as their defender. Which is not taken well by the Crimson Fists representative Reinez, whom have a bad grudge against the Soul Drinkers, and is now an outcast from his chapter with the role of acuser in the proceedings.


Eventually things heat up on the Phalanx, events distupting the proceedings and setting the Soul Drinkers loose, trying to defend themselves.

Super spoiler. Read at your own peril.

All in all I find it a quite satisfying book, providing a suitable closure to the series. The Soul Drinkers are almost no more, with a possibility of brief cameos by them in the future. But they left a legacy that would be remembered by their peers.

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