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Default 597th Valhallans

As the title says I decided after some thought that when i made my Imperial Guard army I would be attempting to honor a character and the unit he served with from several books i had been reading (Ciaphas Cain). As such I had started collecting pieces and information from wherever i can about his unit and even going so far as pulling some elements from the 12th Artillery that he served with to fill in my artillery pieces. As for tanks and armor I had planned on using the numbers from a Valhallan armor company from one of the books.

I have so far done a few units and attempting to get both male and female valhallans along with other pieces to make it more themed. I have never painted humans or even human-esk characters before and im not the greatest artist but any comments or suggestions are welcome and if anyone knows of where to get things that can help or even pieces that maybe I missed feel free to let me konw.

I am trying to get a better image of the troopers. I am working on cain himself using a Lord Commisar as a base but swapping out weapons. Trying to find a las pistol now that i realized I forgot to change it. Also I am looking for any thoughts on Jurgen. He is sooo hard to come up with a matching looking base to begin with.
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