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Time for some update to this plog.

For a change I've decided to upload the first pics on my Altansar Eldar. What I've finished (except of basing) this far is my Squad of guardians and my Dire Avanger Exarch.

Guardians with Scatterlaser

I'll tried to paint the Altansar icon freehand on the guardian standard but i'm far from proud of it. I'll train more on that and have it redone. The standard itself is from the DA box and I have trimmed the squadmarking on top of the pole to show that of the Guardians and not that of the DAs.

Then the DA Exarch I have tried to bring forth some mothion in his pose. I've chosen clothings that are blown in the same direction and I have used the, what do you call it?, crotchcloth?, as a cape. The ribbons tied to his thigh and upper arm is in the Altansar colour, showing which craftworld he is fighting for.

What is next at my workshop is the entire DA squad, 5 Warlocks, the Sand bag wall, the tank trapps and whatever I find to do with my Orks. Then I'll soon begin on my Crimson Fist as well. I've ordered a Razorback, a SM captain from GW and Crimson Fist Icons and Rhino doors and plates from Forge World. I also have something special in mind for my Captain but more on that later.

Good to be green

Barks Dakka Ladz: W3-D2-L3
Altansar Eldar: W3-D0-L2

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