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Originally Posted by Viscount Vash View Post
Luvvin the Raider Wagon and the Trukk in particular, but it's all very cool indeedy.
Quality paint too.

Reppage inbound..
....Thread subscribed.
Thank you very much Viscount for the extensive rep!

Now, this passed friday there was a small tournament to give my game board a grand opening. Battles raged back and forth for about 12 strait hours and I've got some pics from that.

There is no need to say it was great fun to see how playable my board was.

Since I've put much time into my warband lately I'll do some work on my Eldars for the time beeing and I'll post the first pics on them as I go along. My first squads to be finished are a squad of Guardians, including Warlock and Scatterlaser, and a squad of Dire Avangers.

For October I have a vision which I just have to embrace. It concerns my Crimson Fists and you'll be able to follow it during october.

Good to be green

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