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I would suggest buying a box of Morannon Orcs and a box of Mordor Orcs to start with. If you're good at converting then you should convert as many Orcs with Two-Handed Weapons into archers as possible as you want to reach the bow limit and volley. Here's a few examples I made

In this one you'll want to keep the Shaman hidden behind the lines of Orcs, with his magic affecting as many Orcs as possible. The Morannon Orcs should be used as the main bulk, whilst the Mordor Orcs are scattered through the army, provided more attacks and helping you overwhelm the enemy.

Orc Shaman
Morannon Orc Captain
Mordor Orc Taskmaster
Mordor Orc Drummer
12 Morannon Orcs with Shields
12 Morannon Orcs with Shields and Spears
6 Mordor Orcs with Spears
6 Mordor Orcs with Shields
4 Mordor Orcs with Orc Bows

This list is probably my favourite, as for me as it is how I see a Mordor army, lots of weaker Orcs, backed up by some elites (the Black Guard)

The Shadowlord
Gorbag with Shield
12 Orc Warriors with Shields
8 Orc Warriors with Orc Bows
2 Orc Warriors with Two-Handed Weapons
15 Orc Warriors with Spears
9 Black Guard of Barad-Dur

This list is probably the most competitive and also the most expensive to buy, with the best archery as well.

The Shadowlord on horse
Orc Drummer
15 Morannon Orcs with Shields
15 Orc Trackers
15 Orc Warriors with Spears

Hope this helps

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