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Hello everybody!

In about four hours I'll greet Meldon's Smurf's 3d Company and lonnebo's Tyranid swarm to my appartment. Tonight we shall baptize my game board in the fires of war. I have made some final work on it, as you will see, and I have painted up my painboy. I thought it would be a good time to introduce you'all to some of my greenskins so here we go.

We start of with my Nobz along with my Warboss, Bark Squig-Grin and my Painboy.

Here is my Warp'ead, I have tried to model lightning from his finger tips using green stuff. The model is a Orc Shaman from Avatar of War.


An ork standard bearer, I count him as a regular boy but I'll count the standard as beeing the Nobz bosspole.

My warband roaring towards battle!

And now the bridge, plants and the cliffs. Tell me what you think of it all.

Much of my warband is unfinished and nearly all need basing still. I've tried to give the uniqe models more time and the majority of the boyz simply gets knarloc green and the Thraka wash, just to speed things up. I think I'll never see this army finished and every time I look at them I find some new detail I want to highlight or whatever.

Again I hope you all enjoy what you seen here and don't forget to leave me a comment or two.

Good to be green

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