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Originally Posted by Akatsuki13 View Post
Most vampires come into being nowadays either by first becoming a necromancer to some degree to extend their own lives, learning of vampires and other undead things in their studies and voluntarily becoming one or by catching the eye of a vampire and bring turned into one.
I can see where you are coming from with most of your post mate, but seriously? Voluntarily becoming one? Hows does someone voluntarily become a vampire?

The inherant arrogance of vampires would tend to discount that as a possibility - necromancers are to be used, not raised to vampirehood. I'm not suggesting it never happens, just that it would be more rare than the alternative. As you pointed out, each race has differing magical tendencies, but I believe these to be coincidental reasons for their rarity as vampires.

The only way to become a vamp, as we all know, is the blood kiss. This doesn't happen all that often as the vampires siring more vamps become ever more weak and "washed out" leading to weaker thralls. Thats a cycle that can end only badly for any vamp.

Those "infected", for lack of a better word, in my mind, would be those most susceptible to the blood kiss - not those most commonly found in a vampires prescence. It wouldn't matter who the vampire surrounded himself with - if the blood kiss only worked on humans then the vast majority of sired vamps would be human - with possible "freak" exceptions.

Catching the eye of a vamp is dangerous in the extreme, (especially if the vamp in question is a lahmian, Commisar ) but far more likely.

Also, as far as the fluff in the army book is concerned, there were only ever two attempts at making the Elixer of Life. Nagash created the original, then Neferata stole his books to create a second and it was this Elixer that caused the Red Thirst.

I've actually got an old elf model painted up as a vampire. I'll try to get a picture posted, just for fun.

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