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Default Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Just so suprised that people actually are missing here some good games. Just most heavily advertised games usually are mentioned but not some true gems. Anyone else like realism in their shooters, or just want mainstream CoD run&gun&die&respawn like games or some game were graphics come first?
If you are just mainstream dont read further.

Original RO came as mod and was made as commercial game Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
back in 2006. Game defined more realistic view on team tactics and gameplay that wasnt seen on many shooters before. Lots of gamers who were disappointed in current fps games and target audience they were made for, played RO for years. I havent played RO for over year now but i still regard it maybe top 3 Adversial multiplayer fps game ever made. If all holds together, this could very well be my no1 fps game. But real hard to top Project Reality from the top spot.

Now second part is coming out in a week. Some info of game, rather old already but you will find plenty of videos around.

Gameplay Features

First Person Cover System: Players can take cover behind objects in first person and easily peek or blind fire over and around cover and more.

Squad Command: Players can command fire teams on the battlefield with an easy to use first person interface.

Damage System: A detailed hit detection system. Specific bodyparts hit are more lethal than others. Instant Death, Lethal, Critical and Non-Critical. (Source: PC Gamer Article July '09)

Mantling System: Players can negotiate low obstacles, such as climbing over fences, through windows, etc. (Source: PC Gamer Article July '09)

Adjustable Sights: Iron sights as well as scopes on weapons are adjustable for longer and shorter ranges. (Source: PC Gamer Article July '09)

Bandaging: Players can bandage minor wounds to stop themselves from bleeding to death. Non-critical hits will cause half the damage instantly, with the other half occurring over bleed out time. Prompt bandaging can stop the second half of the damage from occurring. Source: PC Gamer Article July '09)

Interactive Weapon Collision: Weapons collide with the game world; the player will raise and lower his weapon accordingly.(Source:IGN Preview)

Bullet Penetration: Bullets can penetrate some materials and cause damage on the other side. (Source:IGN Preview)

Breathing System: The player's breathing pattern with affect his aim; players can hold their breath momentarily for a more stable shot. Players who have low stamina from sprinting, etc. will breathe harder. (Source:IGN Preview)

Bipods: Bipod mounted weapons will pivot around their bipods when deployed. Deploying bipod mounted weapons is much easier than it was in Ostfront. (Source:IGN Preview)

Weight System: The player can carry multiple weapons as well as grenades, but has a maximum allowed weight and will slow down as they carry more. (Source: Ramm-Jaeger on IRC)

Peripheral Vision Indicators: Small indicators appear at the edge of the player's screen to denote possible enemies in the player's peripheral vision. (Source: Ramm-Jaeger)

Character Progression: Players can gain experience and rank. Higher ranked players have access to rare weapons and equipment. Higher ranked players are visually distinct from lower ranked players. (Source:Voodoo Extreme Interview)

Dynamic Music System: Heroes of Stalingrad features a dynamic music system that adapts the emotional mood of the soundtrack to match the morale of the player based on the flow of the battle. To highlight the differences between the two warring powers the game features a completely unique soundtrack for the Russian and German sides. (Source: Wilsonam)

New Recoil Model: The recoil model is more realistic than that of Ostfront. SMG's have had their recoil lowered and MG's have more recoil. (Source: E3 Interview)
Interruptible Reloads: Reloads can now be interrupted. (Source: E3 Interview)

Fire Support: There are 3 types of fire support: mortars, artillery, and rockets. Mortars cause a small amount of damage in a small area, rockets cause a large amount of damage over a large area. Artillery falls in between. (Source: GDN Gamescom Article)

Aerial Recon: The commander can call a recon plane which surveys the battlefield and reports enemy positions. Enemy infantry and tanks will show up on the commander's map instantly (as long as he is near the radio), and will filter down the ranks with a few seconds delay. The plane will only report units it has actual visual contact with; it will be possible to hide from it and shoot it down. (Source: GDN Gamescom Article) (Source: Wilsonam)

Ironsights for the Sniper: Sniper rifles now have usable ironsights, as they did in real life. (Source: GDN Gamescom Article)

Destructable Buildings: Any and all buildings are destructible if the mapper wants. Buildings will still leave ruins behind, however, so the battlefield isn't bombed flat. (Source: GDN Gamescom Article)

Multiplayer Features

Persistent Stats Tracking and Player Progression: Persistence constantly gives the gamer something to strive for and keeps them playing. Grow in rank, earn medals, improve your abilities, and become a Hero all visible to the complete online gaming community and embedded within the game.

Heroes: Obtain the ultimate goal and become a Hero online. Players with hero status inspire troops around them and cause fear in their enemies. Heroes have access to the best and rarest weapons and equipment, and will stand out visually from the rest of the soldiers.

Co-op: Players can connect with their friends and battle AI in multiple game types including the Stalingrad Campaign, Skirmish Mode, and more.
Competitions & Leader-boards: Compete to obtain unique awards and achievements with players all over the world. The competitions range from shooting range challenges to unique and fun assault courses.

64 Player Support: They are shooting to max out players in a game at 64 (with quite large maps one would imagine) and there are ten maps in the game already. (Source: GDN Gamescom Article)

Realism Settings: 2 Settings. Relaxed Realism and Realistic. Relaxed realism will include all of the new interface helpers. Realistic will be for the more hardcore players, and will have some of the new interface helpers disabled. Server admins will be able to set up a custom configuration that picks and chooses which features to have. (Source: Ramm-Jaeger)

Deathmessages: 3 Death message settings. Normal, Delayed, and Off. Death messages also display distance for your own personal kills. (Source: Ramm-Jaeger)

Kill Assists: You now get points for assisting a kill. (Source: Wilsonam)

Server Class Lock: Some classes are locked until a certain amount of players join the server. (Source: Ramm-Jaeger on IRC)

Mini-map: The mini-map shows you friendly players, and where your squad mates/squad leaders are. (Source: Ramm-Jaeger)

Gameplay Modes

Territory Mode: This is the original gamemode that made Red Orchestra famous. Attack, Hold and Defend objectives within the set timelimit, or until one side runs out of reinforments. (Source:IGN Preview)

Countdown Mode: Countdown mode is a single life gametype that is governed by a short countdown timer. Players will have to attack or defend a series of objectives, but with only one life per objective. If the attackers capture the objective, all players respawn and move to the next objective. If they do not capture the objective before the timer expires, they lose. Maps will have "key objectives" which when taken will allow the attacking team a single respawn on a later failed capture. (Source:Voodoo Extreme Interview)

Firefight Mode: Red Orchestra's version of team deathmatch. (Source:Voodoo Extreme Interview)

Multiplayer Campaign Mode: The campaign map is divided into 10 smaller maps. The players vote which map to attack, and can decide how much of their Combat Power they want to use on the attack. Each campaign can last a maximum of 4 hours. (Source: Bswearer PAX interview)

Co-op Campaign Mode: The singleplayer campaign can be played with a friend/friends. (Source: GDN Gamescom Article)

Skirmish Mode: This mode can be played online and offline. You get three fire teams of three members each. Fire team members can be made up of human players or AI. The goal is to 'clear' the map of enemy AI. It can be compared to Terrorist Hunt mode in the Rainbow Six games. (Source:IGN Preview)

Weapons & Equipment


Mauser C96 (Seen here)
Walther P38 (Seen here)
Mauser Karabiner 98k (Seen here)
Mauser Karabiner 98k Sniper (Seen here)
Gewehr 41 Walther (Confirmed here)
Walther Maschinenkarabiner 42 (Seen here)
Maschinenpistole 40 (Seen here)
Maschinengewehr 34 (Seen here)
Unknown (Semi Automatic) Anti-Tank Rifle (Confirmed here)
Stielhandgranate 39 (Seen here)
Unknown Anti-Tank Grenade (Confirmed here)
Satchel Charge (Seen here)


Tokarev TT33 (Seen here)
Nagant M1895 (Seen here)
Mosin-Nagant 91/30 (Seen here)
Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Sniper (Seen here)
Tokarev SVT40 (Seen here)
Tokarev AVT40 (Confirmed here)
PPsh 41 (Seen here)
Degtyarev DP/DT 1928 (Seen here)
Maxim 1910 (Confirmed here)
Unknown (Semi Automatic) Anti-Tank Rifle (Confirmed here)
Unknown Anti-Tank Grenade (Confirmed here)



Panzerkampfwagen IV (Confirmed here)


T-34/76 (Confirmed here)

Virtual Interior: The entire interior of the tanks is modeled, with useable hatches, periscopes, viewports, etc. (Source: RPS Interview)

Tank Locking: Tank commanders can choose to lock their tanks or allow other players to join their crew. (Source: RPS Interview)

New Tank Damage System: Heroes of Stalingrad has a significantly more complex damage system than Ostfront. Damage to systems such as optics, engine, transmission, turret rotation mechanism, fuel tank, drive sprocket, treads and more are modelled. Shots that penetrate the tank's armor can kill crewmembers inside. (Source: RPS Interview)

Tank Crew (AI/Human): All tanks will have a full crew; any playable positions that are not filled by a human player will be filled by AI. (Source: RPS Interview)

Dynamic tank class system: There will be one tank commander class slot for each tank; as commanders choose to allow human players in their tanks, tank crew class slots will dynamically open up. This means that players don't have to make a choice between having more tanks with solo tanking or fewer with team tanking. (Source: Ramm-Jaeger)


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad will launch with a total of 10 maps. All maps are designed for 64 players. Playable portions of the maps and number of slots per class will be scaled down depending on max players (defaults 64, 32, 16) In between numbers (think 24 or 40 players) will scale up to the next default setting. One of the maps will be focused entirely on tanks.
(Source: Bswearer PAX interview)
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