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Default The real teaser

"The shaking of war was indiscribable the machine spirit crackeled with divine fury as it slew it's foes."

"This was real warfare this was pure, unriveled this was how the god emporer declared it to be, and saints hammer was ready."

Princeps......Princeps awake the enemy draws near.

"He had many names lord,Princeps and khagrakan he perfered the latter".

'void sheilds fifty percent eternal hunt is flanking the enemy weapon batteries enemy to the left firing.........Engine kill princeps! Modarati Yark pleas note.'

'Yes Moderati Arvak. Our battle lines are shiffting their breaking us.'Orders Princeps Princeps orders.'Asked Yark.

'Forward march full speed i want to taste the enemys blood on my fist.'He replied with a voice not his own.

'Princeps with all due respect we have sustained heavy structural damage to our left side. could we not wait for our void sheilds to recharge? Then bombard them.'It had been Arvak that had questioned him.

'No I must taste blood. I hunger I must slay this filth.'He continued

'Eternal hunt is gone sir we are in full retreat. The Reward of Faith is gone to I sugges...'

I can feel them dieing how they scream O, how they scream I must avenge them I must ........KILL!He anounced.

"he couldn't hear their rage at ignoring them, nor did he care he couldn't hear the enemys guns fizzle and crack on his void shields. He ignored the claxxons declaring doom. All he knew before blessed oblivion took him was his flail smash the titan before him as a thousand guns ripped apart his mighty hide."

"Corval saw the tian fall the might warmachine had taken a enemy tiatn with it, it's decent was bitter sweet as all would weep at the loss of such a mighty machine but some how he knew all would stop and watch as it fell."

'New orders sir. Looks like company command want's us to loop around and shearch Saint's Hammer for survivors.'Lopalve the squad's vox caster said.

'No one could've survived that,the fall alone would kill eveyone inside.'He replied as the valkirie speed to its new target.'

'Look, were the closest Imperial unit outfitted for Grav Chute insertion so we'll stay in fire teams and shearch the head first the people inside are more valuable there. Understood?Lieutenant Vargal Black said.'

'Yes sir!'He replied.

"He checked his weapon, and set the lasgun aside he opted for a shotgun in those close corriders. His squad mates had did the same the ragtag para squad consisted of soilders form both epsilon and kappa but wardogs all the same most he didnt know save Sneaky Bastard Scopes and Lucky Boy they were legend with in the regiment. not including elyse he knew her from his squad and fire team."

'Green light!' the pilot declared.

'GO...GO....GO see you ladies and gentlemen see you at the bottom.said Black.'

"All the guard were lumping out, and he was next. He turned around to face the men behind him Elyse winked and he let himself fall backwards down a thousand feet into the heart of the enemy."

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