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Default Moriouce's workshop (Orks & Eldar)

Hello and welcome to my corner of the Warhammer 40k universe!

This will be my PLOG where I'll post just about anything I'm working on for Warhammer 40K. My growing warband of greenskins, my enigmatic force of Altansar Eldar, my future force of Crimson Fists, my terrain and much more that will pop up in that indefinite mind of mine. Some of you that find your way in here will have done so through the thread "My first game board" since I'll show the finished result in here.

The reason I do Warhammer is because I like it as a creative hobby, and once in a while like to get into a real resin fight. I do not have the intention to be competetive with my forces and not even competetive with my converting, painting or terrainmaking skills. I just want to have fun and share my work with everybody and hope to be some inspiration for anyone reading this and at the same time get som hints and tips how to reach where I'm going with my projects.

My first project I'll start in here will be my Battlewagon (I just got it from the store). I'll convert it a bit to give it a unique look. (First pic on that one on sunday!)

Other projects that are in progress are my converted Trukk and my Looted wagon, the last which some of you already have seen in "My first game board". I'll post a few pics on them asp.

So, let's go and see what this mind of mine can skratch together.

Good to be green

Barks Dakka Ladz: W3-D2-L3
Altansar Eldar: W3-D0-L2

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