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Interlude Two: Visions of Heresy

This is Terra!

- Constantin Valdor to the emissary of Sanguinius sent to the Imperial Palace, before killing him


I. Am. The. New. God. If you resist, I will bring you to a Hell without exit or end, where you will crawl and beg and DIE! On the contrary, if you surrender without further quarrel, I will let some live as my pets.

- Warmaster Sanguinius to the defenders of Terra.


Nameless terror...the metal, our technology turned against us...our very boltguns...this place is CURSED!

- Last transmission sent by the Iron Hands expeditionary force in the Noctis Labyrinthis, Mars


From Legends of the Astartes Legions

...The Exemplar is a legendary figure among the Astartes of the Emperor's Children Legion, arriving in their hours of greatest need, only to vanish again, as suddenly as he came. He bears a black blade, and towers over even the greatest Astartes. He first arrived at the Siege of Terra, where he saved First Captain Kaesoron, and Saul Tarvitz, Captain of the 10th, as well as many other Marines, from almost certain death at the hands of a Keeper of Secrets, before proceeding to carve a path of great devastation through a horde of Slaaneshi daemons. Many within the Legion believe him to be the spirit of their Primarch Fulgrim, but little evidence exists for this view...


Mars will fight to the last! Make them bleed for this heresy!

- Fabricator-General Kelbor Hal of Mars, after the unleashing of the Daemon-Cant (crippling 75-percent of the Forge World's defences)
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