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Chapter Seven: Gods' Prizes

The metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives...

- Astropath Quixios, on the Iron Hands' flagship


Iron Hands Obliterators at Terra


From the Liber Hereticus

...The thrice-damned Gabriel Santar, the Prince of Obliterators, was the first of the Astartes to contract the Obliterator virus, and the only one to retain some measure of sanity. He led an entire thousand-strong army of those consumed by the virus up to and during the Siege of Terra, killing the Imperator Titan Dies Irae on Mars before breaking the very walls of the Imperial Palace with massed fire. But these feats, great as they are, do not compare to his systematic levelling of the city of Nova Yourk in Merica upon Terra, so thoroughly, it is said, that of the 250-mile wide city, not a single stone stood on another. Now, he has absorbed so much technology that he is the size of a Dreadnought, having enough firepower, by himself, to destroy a Warhound Titan, as he has done on the worlds Rega and Byzanthis. It is also said that he has denied himself the gift of daemonhood, in order to wreak more havoc and destruction in the Materium. Threat rating: Extremis Maxima...


From the Codicium Bubonicum (Proscribed by the Ordo Maleficus)

...And Nurgle sent his manifold Blessings unto the Phalanx, and the Astartes screamed in pain and tried to end their own lives, but they could not die, for Nurgle was not finished with them. And at the last, Dorn the Plaguebringer begged for death, and Nurgle was pleased. And Dorn was made into the Plaguebringer, and his Marines, that had been Fists of the Emperor, into Knights of Death, and when they were vomited forth from the Gods' realm they were dead in body, but they had survived in Father Nurgle, whose love extends even unto the smallest things, and they had His blessings, and they were adored by Him...


From the Tome of Blessed Massacre


...Leman Russ earns the Mark of Khorne with his slaughter of the Rune Priests of the Legion and his great massacre of Thousand Sons sorcerers upon cursed Prospero. Great offerings are made unto the Blood God of the surrounding systems, but they are paltry compared to what awaits War Given Form upon Terra...


From the Tome of the Shifting Eagle

...And so was Great Jaghatai delivered unto the service of the Changer of Ways, the Master of Mutation who holds us all in thrall. Weep, oh Imperium, for the servants of the Khan of Khans stand against you!...


From The Iron Book

...Ferrus Manus earned the Mark of Chaos Undivided with his slaughter of the Emperor's Children recruiting world of Chemos, his reducing of the world to so much ash and dust. And in doing so he proved the eternal strength of metal over the weak flesh, even though the 'Children' were given Terra to recruit from after the Time of Iron...
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