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Chapter Six: Colchis Torn Asunder

Kor Phaeron, self-proclaimed Prophet of the True Gods


Vox-Record, Hidden Library of the Word Bearers Legion

Kor Phaeron: Who dares defile this blessed sanctuary?!

Lorgar: The name does not matter, heretic! What matters is that you die this day.

Kor Phaeron: Come to serve, wretch? Come to worship the True Gods?

(The sound of leaden footsteps, the ground cracking)

Lorgar: Never.

(The sound of a figure being lifted by the neck, followed by choking and desperate attempts to breathe)

Kor Phaeron: Lor...gar...Lor...ga...aa...I...re...main...your.. .ser...vant...

(Sound of choking continues for several minutes, followed by the thud of a Power-Armoured body falling several metres)

Lorgar: I rise, you fall.


From The Forbidden Gospel, Book IV, Chapter VI

25. And the Heretics were struck down in the fields of Colchis, and in the cities and the cathedrals.
26. And they fled to the world that is called Cadia, and did not return.
27. But the taint had spread into the very ground of Colchis, and thus did the prophet Lorgar speak:
28. Cleanse the planet, and put all to the blessed fire of Exterminatus.
29. And this was done, and Lorgar spoke once more:
30. Let us wander across the heavens, seeking no rest until the very last heretic has been executed and our sins expiated in blood and fire.
31. And so the Great Work of Repentance was begun.


All our God demands is that we hate.

- Tactical Sergeant Eliphas, Scourging of Colchis


Heretic Word Bearers defiling the Emperor's Cathedral on Colchis



- Last Words of former First Chaplain Erebus, the storming of the Diabolicum, 999 M.41


Colchis, our home, turned against us...an abomination...

- Veteran Sergeant Sor Talgron
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