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Chapter Five: Treachery Most Foul

Equerry Kharn at Crucior Tertius


Brother, you have gone mad! Stop now!

- Fulgrim to Ferrus Manus, Crucior Massacres


From The Blackest Hour of the Astartes

...The Alpha Legion, Emperor's Children, World Eaters and Raven Guard responded in full to Sanguinius' false distress signal and swiftly deployed on the surface of Crucior Tertius. They arrived to find absolutely no trace of the enemy they were supposed to fight. Then, they were bombarded from orbit, in desperation they took cover. That was when the Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels and Night Lords Legions attacked them. The result was a massacre. The World Eaters fought on through the whole day, taking heavy casualties until Primarch Angron fell to an orbital bombardment, his Equerry Kharn - the voice of reason within the World Eaters - ordering the retreat. The result was 75-percent casualties, primarily among the Berzerkers and assault forces of the Legion. With the casualties on Terra also taken into account, by the Heresy's end roughly 90-percent of the Legion's fighting forces had been slain.

The Emperor's Children showed their courage too, making a fighting retreat that bled the pursuing Iron Hands greatly. Fulgrim and his Phoenix Guard fought against their Primarch, Fulgrim duelling Ferrus Manus and wounding him so greatly the traitor was driven from the field, although Fulgrim took on mortal wounds in the process. Brother-Captain Lucius personally rescued the dying Primarch via jetbike in a daring action that wounded him mortally. The courage of Lucius has ensured that his broken body was placed in the chassis of a Dreadnought, where it remains still.

Fulgrim fighting Ferrus Manus

Corax also fell, ripped apart by the Night Haunter, though in his final moments he detonated explosives that sent a mountain's worth of rock falling down on them both, slaying Curze. The Night Lords continued their horrific assault, but were disheartened at the loss of Curze. The battle continued in space, where the loyalist ships were massively outgunned by the Phalanx, Rogal Dorn's ancient flagship from the Dark Age of Technology. It looked like they were doomed, but then Brother-Captain Alejandro of the Emperor's Children sacrificed his Battle-Barge, the Germanotta (named after an ancient Terran composer), ramming it into the Phalanx and deliberately overloading the Warp Drive, crippling its engines and shattering its void shields. The loyalists used the opportunity to flee for Terra, in the course of which Fulgrim succumbed to his wounds. When they reached Terra, he was buried with all due honour. The Emperor is said to have wept for his fallen son, and for the knowledge that Sanguinius had betrayed him...


Burn it down.

- Ferrus Manus, performing Exterminatus on Chemos, former home-world of the Emperor's Children.


Colchis, seconds before detonation


Is this not glorious? Is this not wondrous, in its magnificence? Flesh and metal, one and the same!

- Gabriel Santar of the Iron Hands, Prince of Obliterators, at the gates of the Emperor's Palace
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