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Chapter Four: Prospero Holds

Phosis T'Kar of the Thousand Sons


Archive of the Wings of Sanguinius

Sanguinius: You know why you have been called to this conclave. All of you, I demand answers. What are you doing?

Erebus: Kor Phaeron sent me to inform you that his conversion of Colchis to the True Gods is going smoothly. The trap for Lorgar is set. He won't know what hit him.

Ferrus Manus: The Mechanicum is rejecting my overtures. But I trust that they will see reason in time.

Sanguinius: Dorn, how goes the plan for Crucior and the loyalists?

Dorn: They are heading there, my Astropaths have confirmed it. The trap will be sprung soon enough.

Sanguinius: Very well.

Mysterious Voice: Magnus has left Prospero for Terra. He seeks to warn his Father.

Sanguinius: Who are you?

Leman Russ: Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, your servant.

Sanguinius: And what do you suggest to deal with Magnus and his sorcerous swine?

Leman Russ: Let me raze their cities, burn their libraries, tear them apart. Their sorceries will fail, I am certain.

Sanguinius: Very well. I dispatch the Space Wolves and a contingent of the White Scars to Prospero. Burn that wretched planet to the ground.

Leman Russ: Your Will be done.


From the History of Prospero

Prospero and the Thousand Sons, before the Siege

The Siege of Prospero was one of the greatest battles of the early Heresy, comparable with the Crucior Massacres (in which the World Eaters Legion took 75-percent casualties and the Emperor's Children lost half their number, among various other disasters), which took place at the same time. For months prior to the attack, Chief Librarian Ahzek Ahriman had been recieving precognitive visions of great destruction. It was for this reason, that as soon as Magnus left for Terra, he evacuated the majority of Prospero's citizenry to the fortress of the Thousand Sons, and gave a recall order, forcing all Thousand Sons to return to their Primarch's home-world. When the Space Wolves and White Scars burst from the Warp, Ahriman had prepared. Orbital defences took their toll, but were defeated by sheer numbers. Leman Russ led the massacre at the scholar's retreat of Hyperiopolis near Tizca, making the Silver Lake, renowned for its serenity, red with blood of scholars and black with the ink of books he had cast into the water.

The Thousand Sons were greatly enraged by this, so much that Ahriman famously said, 'If they fear us, show them why', relating to holding back with their powers. But it was the least of the atrocities Russ would commit as he fell deeper and deeper into the worship of the Blood God as he sent his Legion hurtling into damnation. The Thousand Sons unleashed their power. Psionic storms tore Stormbird gunships apart, as telepaths shredded the minds of enemy commanders. Phosis T'Kar led the Raptora, the telekine-cult of the Legion, in creating a telekinetic shield around the entire city of Tizca, but he knew that the city could not hold without aid. The cult of the Pyrae, renowned for their pyrokinetic powers, unleashed flame-blasts powerful enough to slay Terminators, but it was not enough. Desperate, Russ sent attack after attack, each led personally, amusing Khorne enough that the Lord of Slaughter breached the veil of sanity, unleashing a tide of daemons to assail the Sons.

The situation turned disastrous, as the daemons breached the shield around Tizca, slaughtering all in their path. The city burned, blood running through its streets as the Sons fought against the abominations. The Warlord Titan Canis Vertex was assailed by Bloodthirsters and fell after slaying seven out of the eight Greater Daemons Khorne had sent to massacre the Sons. Soon, their fortress was surrounded. But help came from an unseen quarter. Constantin Valdor appeared out of nowhere, aided by a full squad of Custodes. Valdor fought his way through innumerable Warp-spawn and corrupted Astartes, to face Leman Russ, now possessed of the Mark of Khorne and immeasurable might. After a duel lasting seven days, Russ retreated from the field, wounded. The remainder of the Thousand Sons arrived three days later, regaining control of orbit. The daemons were caught between orbital bombardment and the fury of the Thousand Sons, and were all banished.

Russ for his part, slaughtered all in his path between Prospero and Sanguinius, solely to assauge his anger at his failure there. For this, and his actions upon Terra, Khorne would make him a Daemon Prince...
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