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Interlude One: Fragments of War

Volume III of the Roll of Honour of the Legion of the Emperor's Children

This volume of the Roll of Honour is devoted to those who fought in the Crucior Massacres, the darkest day that ever befell our Legion. Yet in the darkness, the light of our courage, cruelly betrayed as we were, shone all the brighter. The courage of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, whose feats of arms and skill will shine forever more, is remembered in this roll.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Primarch Fulgrim of Terra

For countless feats of arms, for being our blessed Father, Primarch and Battle-Brother even in the face of the greatest odds, for courage against the foulest minions of Chaos, and for valiant self-sacrifice. May your tomb, your crypt underneath Terra's soil, lie forever undefiled, Father.

Brother-Captain Alejandro, 36th Company

For the sacrifice of the Battle-Barge Germanotta, allowing our fleet to escape and for striking a blow against Dorn's accursed flagship Phalanx, you will be remembered, Brother-Captain. Let the void be your grave, and the survival of the Imperium your memorial.

Brother-Captain Lucius, 13th Company

For your rescue of the mortally wounded Fulgrim, at the cost of mortal injuries, for which you were placed in the adamantine sarcophagus of a Dreadnought, so that you may continue to fight for all eternity, in His name.

Apothecary Fabius

For tending to the injured, and going great lengths to save Primarch Fulgrim from the fate that claimed him. You may have endured Crucior, but you are still counted amongst its many heroes.

The list of names continues for 610 pages...


Vox-Records, taken from the Hidden Archives, Word Bearers Legion

Lorgar: He is not the devil. He is not a prophet. He is not a trickster. He is an Astartes like any other, and he can, he will be, killed!

(Astartes cheering)

Lorgar: On this day, in this place, Kor Phaeron will fall! For he has blasphemed against our blessed Emperor. He has corrupted our Cathedral, corrupted our relics, corrupted our brothers with his devious lies! He has made Astartes fight Astartes, made them worship devils that mislead and trick the faithful. We begin the attack now. His Apostles will be put to the sword. His books will be burnt. His daemons shall be banished! In the name of the Emperor, advance!

(Astartes cheering wildly)


Put Colchis to the fire. Expunge this heresy root and branch. The Emperor will recognise His own.

- Primarch Lorgar


They will not surrender? Unleash the daemon-cant! Their very machines will destroy them.

- Arch-Heretic Sanguinius, on the valour of the Martians


We are not Imperial Fists, not anymore. We are...(gurgle)...Death Knights...

- Rogal Dorn


I defy you!

- Last words of Brother-Captain Varren of the World Eaters, Siege of Terra
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