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Chapter Three: Revelations and Plans

After Action Report, filed 997.M41 aboard the Battle-Barge Eternal Divinity

+++THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The thoughts of elders are the beginning of wisdom+++

...Battle was joined. The crimson-armoured heretics advanced, screaming blasphemies upon Lorgar and the Emperor. Veteran Sergeant Draigo showed remarkable cool under fire, and I have personally marked him for possible initiation into the Seventh Mystery and promotion to the now-vacant position of my Coryphaeus. In honour of the memory of fair Colchis, the men fought, chanting hymns of wrath and revenge to fill them with that boundless joy which can only be found in the destruction of our enemies. Frothing maniacs devoted to the Blood God's worship fell around us. When the perimeter was secured, I led the advance. We had to destroy this heretic, an ancient war-leader from the secret time of Colchis' scourging. With boundless courage, Draigo mowed down the foul heretics with his heavy bolter while in an exposed position.

Coryphaeus Malachai charged the heretics' leader, and with his power-blade wounded him greatly. But the heretic lord merely laughed, and with his blood summoned daemons of the Blood God that ripped the Coryphaeus apart. Bravely, I charged in, wielding the Crozius-staff that symbolises my office as Master-Chaplain. The daemons were struck down, and I duelled the heretic leader personally. The apostate uttered multiple blasphemies during the battle (it is fortunate the men did not hear them, or mind-scrubbing would have been enforced to preserve the Secret), but I was triumphant. I took a gene-sample to confirm that this was in fact the Inheritor, then ordered all the bodies burned to cinders and the power-armour smashed. The Secret must never be discovered. The men duly complied, accomplishing the task with flamer, plasma gun and multi-melta. Once we had left the site, it was duly levelled by the guns of the Lorgar's Fist in orbit, so thoroughly that I doubt an atom of dust remained.

His Will be Done.

- Chapter Master Aureon, Word Bearers Legion


Taken from the Archives of the Space Hulk Event Horizon (Dated 013.M31)

...Lies. The Emperor has lied to us, about the Warp, about everything. In my conversations with [NAME EXPUNGED BY THE WILL OF LORGAR], I have grown steadily more convinced that the Emperor is a threat to mankind. He speaks to me clearly, passionately. The thing in the Maleficum Tesseract showed me so many things. The scattering of my...Brothers was no accident. I cannot believe that he would lie to me, so much...[DATA CORRUPT]...the powers of the Immaterium are truly worthy of reverence. And if they will his destruction, so be it!


I will gather my Brothers, the ones I believe will listen. And then, we will drown the galaxy in blood.

- Warmaster Sanguinius


From the Archives of the Fortress of Light, Prospero

My divinations are troubled. I sense the gravest of treacheries, against Father himself. But how to warn him? Ever since Ullanor and Nikaea, he has been troubled...distant. I feel in it my mind, the familiar tingle of his presence, known from my childhood onwards, darkened. He suspects the worst from me, I know it. Psychic communication is an impossibility with Father so suspicious. So it seems I must arrive in person. Brother-Captain Ahriman, I leave for Terra with my best warriors and fastest ships. Father must be warned of the impending betrayal before the knife finds his heart.

- Primarch Magnus.


From the Archives of the Ordo Maleficus

[PICTFILE: A mysterious Marine in stone-grey Power Armour [ref/666/Nameless Heretic], conversing with the Warmaster Sanguinius. All Legion symbols on the Marine have been removed. The room is lit in a baleful glow: source unknown]
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