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Chapter Two: Crucior

From the Codex Sanguis (proscribed by order of the Ordo Maleficus, in His name)

Oh, let us sing, with the voice of the great Muse, let us sing of the glories of the Dark Gods, of Kor Phaeron the martyr who brought the Word to the Fools of Colchis and was struck down by Lorgar the Sevenfold-Hated. Let us sing of Ferrus Manus, who slew the wretch Vulkan on Mars' soil. Let us sing of Dorn the Rider of Death, that Brought the Plagues of Nurgleth to Terra, and Hell following with him. Let us sing of Russ the Rider of War that assailed cursed Prospero. Let us sing of Jaghatai, the Rider of Change and bringer of the fire of Tzeentch. Let us sing of Curze, who brought the Terror of Chaos with him. Let us sing of Caliban's Lion. And let us sing of Great Sanguinius the Rider of Conquest, whose blood flows in our very veins.

Let us sing of Blessed Crucior, on whose soil the Great Sanguinius was recieved the Revelation...


'This world would burn, if it wasn't ash already.'
- Sanguinius Thrice-Cursed, on Crucior Primus.


From A History of Heresy (Alexian Davandrios)

...The Crucior System is famous for two things. The most notable is the great massacre on the charnel-world of Crucior Tertius, where Angron, Corax and Fulgrim were betrayed and fell in battle. Ten thousand years later, the monument to the battle fought there, and the martyrdom of these three Primarchs, still stands high above the blasted fields. The second is more esoteric, and only known to those that have researched the most secret parts of the Sanguinian Heresy. It is the asteroid field where Crucior Primus once stood, before it was razed by the Ordo Maleficus to avoid creating a pilgrimage site for heretics. Crucior Primus was in the time of the Great Crusade a volcanic, highly active world, first from its young, newly-born star.

The Compliance Action fought upon Crucior Primus in the last days of the Great Crusade was led by Sanguinius himself. The Angel, as he was known then, smote the armies of the native humans wherever they stood. But where he was not, things got worse. Thousands of Imperial Army soldiers were massacred by psychic powers, fire devouring whole regiments. Madness struck even Astartes down, as the natives unleashed diabolical rituals and summoned unholy abominations to aid them. Crucior was aptly named. At the siege of the greatest fortress of the natives, Sanguinius himself led the assault. But then, he was struck down. An artefact of Tzeentch himself, the Maleficum Tesseract, struck him down, trapped him in a death-like slumber from which nobody was sure he would awake...


Extract of Vox-Record, Crucior Massacres (stored in the Archives of the World Eaters Legion)

Angron: We fight on! Blood! BLOOD!

(Sounds of bolters firing, chain-weapons whirring, intermixed with bestial cries, continue for several minutes.)

Kharn: Angron is cut off! We must-

(Sound of large explosion, fitting with multiple Heresy-era lance cannons. Static.)

Kharn: The Primarch is fallen. Back to the dropships. Fall back, fall back!



...Colchis burns.

The heresy of Kor Phaeron has taken deep root. The Word Bearers, my proud Legion, are tearing themselves apart. Kor Phaeron has taken the Cathedral, Warp-Spawn stalk its corridors. The Old Religion was wrong, there is no God but the Emperor, but how can this be when He denies His divinity? Terra holds firmly, but Mars and the rest of the system have fallen to Sanguinius' heretics. We must be strong - we can be, that is certain. The assault on the Cathedral begins in an hour. Kor Phaeron and his 'Apostles' will die. Time to tear the heart out of this apostasy...
- Primarch Lorgar, the Forbidden Gospel
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