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The Price of Fear

word count 1,042

We had been on patrol, it was a normal boring monotonous patrol that took us over the sunken valley and back towards the garrison. The governor was always paranoid about enemies coming to claim the resources that contributed to the toxic smeg hole we called home.

I had no idea who would come here I was 17 and I had no interest in anything off world. Xana was a smeg hole at the smeg end of the universe. The only interest the Imperium showed us was the coal that our world was abundant with and the Mechanicum had taken to claiming for themselves.

Over the years the pollution had grown so much that it blacked out the sun and eventually, our world of beauty turned into a world of eternal night. We wore face masks to protect our insides from the eternal coal dust that covers our world.

I cannot see the need to patrol this blackened hell and I voice my opinion to my oldest friend Zaska. She just shrugs and says its either a life as a soldier or life as a coal miner and we all know how the Mechanicum treats their human workers.

They came like wraiths from the pits of hell. I woke to the sounds of screams, terror, dying and pleas for mercy that went unheard.

The first place to be hit was the Government sector. The fires of the burning buildings could be seen for miles around. I woke to the sound of my commander, Captain Zanzara shouting orders for us all to get up and attack.

I fumbled for my rifle and got up bleary eyed ready to face whatever it is that has come to this hell hole. What I did not expect to be confronted by a roaring band of humans all with sigils that hurt my eyes cut into their bodies by brands and knives.

I used my rifle in all the ways I knew, I fired and I butted them until their brains spilled over the floor. My wrath geared more as I saw my friend Zaska felled and set upon her blood spraying in thick arcs as her body was cut into pieces. I just kept firing until they were dead and when I could not fire I clubbed them to death.

A giant shadow fell over me and as I looked up I saw a visage of hell itself. He wore power armour but it was nothing like i had heard of before. I had seen the Astartes when they had visited this world once when I was a child.

This was nothing like those noble armoured warriors. He was twisted, a parody of honour but he had once been an Astartes that had been once of the Emperors chosen. Knowing that I was face to face with one of the so called traitors I felt my courage begin to ebb away.

He wore power armour of black and red trim, the glyphs on his armour were yellow and shone with a malevolence of their own. He looked down at the bodies before him; bodies that I had put there mere moments before.

He raised his arm and I thought about begging for mercy, allowing myself to fall at the last hurdle as my courage fled me but as his arm came back down I thought I could see the ghosts of my parents beckoning me.

Everything went black.

The doors opened and the monster that had captured me came in. The sudden flood of light hurt my eyes and the moans around me grew in intensity. There were cries of pain as the monster kicked some of the prisoners away.

He stood before me and without saying a word bid me to get up. I did as he ordered shaking from head to toe. His face was pale and yet his eyes burned red they seemed to bore right through me as if he was searching for something.

“We came to fulfil your masters wishes,” he began and his voice sounded like my worst nightmare “He wanted us to destroy the mines and make him the most important power in your sector no matter what the cost.”

I could not believe what he was saying. My own governor knew about this? I was adamnet that the monster before me was lying but his tone said otherwise.

“He said we could take however many slaves we wanted as long as we left him and those who ruled with him in charge, he is now dead.”

A shiver ran down my spine when he gestured at the bodies around me all huddeled and hoping that he would show them some degree of mercy, maybe send them back home.

“There are those here we will use but there are those that are no good to me.”

He handed me a las pistol and the urge to kill the bastard before me was great but seeing his size and his face, it would be a wasted effort.

“End the misery of those who will be no good for it will be the last act of mercy you will do”

“Are you going to kill me?” I asked hoping that he would.

“No” he smiled for the first time “I saw anger in you when the slave army killed your friend and I have need of that anger. There are those who are too weak to work and if you do not end their lives then they will be cannon fodder for the next world we land on.”

He folded his arms across his chest and I knew then he was serious. With a bitter taste in my mouth I did as he instructed but killed them all.

It would be a mercy killing in the long run. Before I could turn the weapon on myself he snatched it out of my hand breaking it.

“Your fate is sealed boy” He sneered.

As he took me out of that room I prayed for mercy that would never come. Not for me not anymore i had no more to give.

The Brotherhood of Darkness had need of me alright and they wanted any mercy drained from me. It would not take long.

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