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Who cares if she isn't the snow-haired damsel-with-a-bolter you all dream of being prey to a host of Slaaneshi tentacles? *Looks to Azkaellon*

The simple fact is her costume rocks. I've seen a number of Sister of Battle cosplay at various conventions and this is one of the best. The attention to detail on the armour clearly shows a level of artistic skill most cosplay fanatics could learn a few things from.

She may not look the part, but coming from personal experience it's incredibly difficult to look exactly like the character you are trying to cosplay. Especially when it's a horribly anorexic-yet-incredibly-muscled anime character. I'm currently preparing to cosplay at a convention in September and it's tough work if you want to do it properly. Even veterans spend entire seasons preparing hairstyles, wigs, makeup, contact lenses and their own bodies for a single day or weekend to achieve a good result.
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