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Default The life and career of Commissar Volkmann

The man was clearly dead. He was laying on his back, with a rugged piece of metal pouting out through his throat. He could not recognize the man, the soldiers face ripped open by the explosion that claimed his, and most of his squads life. The chimera was also a similar wreck. Its back hatch was ripped wide open, and the walls and roof were badly mangled. Its pintle mounted heavy stubber lay on the ground, a hand still clutching the grip of the weapon.

“Blasted xeno wretches”
he could hear Major Hikkowa mutter under his breath, and truth was, that Volkmann shared the man’s sentiment. Volkmann clutched a helmet in his hand, studying its name plate.

“Who? Don’t tell me it is anyone I knew” the major said and chuckled.

“Sergeant Andomus. Always hated the bastard. You will be filling his death notice.” The major laughed.

“Commissar, you fail at relationships.”

“As if I could afford any?” Volkmann replied and threw the helmet aside, before crouching beside the body of the dead sergeant. He avoided looking at the face, it was a terrible mess, the explosion clearly having succeeded with its task. He picked the man’s pockets, collecting his Uplifting Primer and dog tags. He proceeded to turn the body around, relieved by the fact that he would not have to see the man’s face. He proceeded to open the bag, and was about to collect the spare power packs to the lasgun, when he found a brown box stuffed away at the bottom. He picked it out, and opened it.

”What do ya know? Lucky bastard died before I could confiscate these and execute him for breaking the regimental regulations”, Volkmann said, and smiled as he looked at the cigars in the box. He put one in his mouth, and lighted it with a firestick in the box. “Want one, Major?”

“You know I don’t smoke that shit” The major said with no humor in his voice.

“Too bad, they are real good.”

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