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Ultramarines turn 3:
His Librarian goes after the stealth team, his assault marines move up, and his tac squads move up. He takes out a gun drone in shooting with the librarian. The marines are out of range.
In assault his librarian kills all but 2 stealth suits, who are cut down as they try to flee, leaving the librarian open as a nice juicy target with no 2+ invulnerable save this time. The assault marines try to plan a melta bomb on a hammerhead but miss.

Tau turn 3:
My crisis team, commander, and a hammerhead move over to the librarian. If they don't kill him now, I'll have only 2 hammerheads to finish the game with, basically.
However, a couple shots from the commander's plasma rifle finishes the last wound off this menace, leaving the crisis team free to rapid fire the assault marines with their plasma rifles, killing them. The railguns finish off the predator, and fire warriors and burst cannons account for another couple marines. At this point, my opponent politely concedes, and I can't blame him.

So, one of my hammerheads sails to victory while the rest of my army tears his remaining marines to pieces. Though it was alpha, the victory point breakdown is:

Ultramarines earned:
160 for killing stealth team
90 for killing a fire warrior team
total = 250 (all the work of the librarian, who managed to pay for himself and earn an extra 5)

Tau earned:
999 points for wiping out the marines
170 for getting a hammerhead into the opponent's backfield
total = 1169

Difference = 919, a victorious slaughter for the tau! And my 30th victory on Vassal.

In reflection, I think his librarian was highly cool, I may have to build one like that some day. But, it was basically his whole army. The rest of his troops never really performed. Once the librarian was dead, so was his army. Personally I don't think there's much I'd have done differently. I made the choice to sacrifice my stealth team and it basically won me the game.

Commander Ku'la watches helplessly as the brave members of his stealth team are torn apart by some creature that seems to be several places at once, the glittering arc of his sword tearing through drone and warrior alike. He takes careful aim, unwilling to fire upon his own troops, out of the slim chance that they may yet survive. His plasma rifle glows with the charge as he readies his shots. Suddenly the remaining members of the stealth team turn to flee, their nerve broken by such arcane fury and are cut down in a single swoop. The barbarian sorcerer guns the motor of his bike and turns to face Ku'la, covered in the steaming viscera of his friends and loyal warriors. Silently, Ku'la discharges his weapons, sending the sorcerer flying from his seat in a bloody arc where he lays still upon the ground. Ku'la turns to help his warriors mop up the remaining marines, who rapidly fall under the relentless onslaught of the Mont'ka.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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