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Ultramarines turn 2:
On his turn he moves his librarian up to the fire warriors, his assault marines into the foundations of an old bunker, his tac squad piles out and advances, and his predator comes out from hiding to join the battle.
His predator misses its lascannon shots against the hammerheads, much like they missed theirs.
In assault, his Librarian charges into my fire warriors and wipes half them out. Unfortunately, they pass their Ld check and stay in combat. Bastards.

Tau turn 2:
I decide to sacrifice my stealth team in order to keep his libby from advancing into the rest of the army once he eats them, so they move over right next to him. The crisis team and commander get as far away as they can though and help out the fire warriors. I move the hammerheads between the assault marines and my fire warriors, to prevent them from charging into my army.
The hammerheads manage to stun the predator with their railguns, and the missile pods of the crisis team manage to knock out the treads, immobilizing the tank. The burst cannons of the hammerheads take out an assault marine and 3e marines from a tactical squad while the fire warriors try to finish off the rhino and fail.
The librarian manages to break the indomitable will of the fire warriors and but the last one manages to get away.
Also, the assault marines are moved slightly in this picture from where they're supposed to be b/c my opponent was a little over eager. You get the idea though.

"Shas'o, the gue'la sorcerer has reached our lines and even now tears through our warriors like some sort of demon!"
"Fall back to the eastern flank!"
"Shas'el, it has been an honor to fight at your side, my team will hold the sorcerer at bay while you get into position."
"What are you doing, pull your team back!"

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