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My basic plan is to kill his army as it comes to me, then get whatever hammerheads are left alive up to his deployment zone.

Shas'el Ku'la and his cadre had been dispatched to recon the gue'la army of the planetary governor before this world could be wrested from the darkness of ignorance into the light of the greater good.

"Shas'el, the stealth team reports a force of the gue'la super-soldiers heading to intercept us! What do we do?!"
"Keep it together and remember your training. They are still barbarians, and the greater good is with us. Recall the stealth team and take up defensive positions!"
"Ethereals watch over us."

As the cadre waited silently for their foes to come into sight, they began to hear the brute rumbling of their tanks as they crushed the undergrowth and the high pitched whine of a single bike.

Ultramarines Turn 1:
He moves his stuff up, holds his predator back to avoid getting railgunned. Librarian turbo boosts down the side.

Tau Turn 1:
The librarian scares me the most, though taking out the rhinos now is also very important to prevent his troops from closing rapidly.
On the left I try to get my fire warriors into rapid fire range, and succeed in earning myself fewer shots than if I had stayed still. The stealth team and my commander each manage to score a wound on the T5 librarian with his 2+ invulnerable save due to boosting.
On the right the crisis suits manage to take out the lead rhino. The fire warriors plink away to no avail, and the hammerheads both miss their railgun shots. However, one of the burst cannons on one of my hammerheads is in range of the other rhino. 3 str 5 shots, all hit, all roll a 6 to pen. I get shaken, immobilized, and weapon destroyed. That rhino is basically made useless.
Rhinos taken care of, now I just need to handle the rest of his army as it comes in and figure out some way to deal with the libby. I withdraw my stealth team and commander form his libby and hope he can wipe out my fire warriors so I can shoot him.

As the Ultramarines burst from cover, their characteristic bright blue armor catching the sun, the fire caste warriors opened up from their covered positions, attempting to stop the advance of the superhumans.

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