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I like Red Orc's point here. I like the D6 system because it keeps things relatively simple. If what we come up with can't be worked into a D6 system thats fine, but I prefer the D6 system for simplicity. Definately makes things easier to remember, especially when you have a lot of systems memorized and have to remember which is which. Honestly, the D6 system is part of the reason I like GURPS a lot more than D&D. I really like the control the user has over the GURPS system and thats the biggest reason I got into it, but using D6's helped sway me as well. It could get cumbersome trying to roll out 35 D10's or D12's for a round of close combat. I think a D10 or D12 system would be great if we kept the system low scale. If the system evolves into small skirmishes of 20 to 30 models D10's would work great, but if you're getting up there in model count it gets a bit harder to manage.

Red Orc, I really like your relation to D&D with the sword D8 damage/lvl 1 D8 health comparison. That could really help with the developement of this system (by the way we have to come up with a name once we have the basics decided on). It will also help me out with the 40k GURPS campaign a few friends and I want to try out.

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