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Drasi was sitting cross legged on the floor. He barely listened to Orlath as the older ranger droned on and on. A thud woke him from his meditation and he opened his eyes to see Svent dropping from the tree where he had been hanging. The outcast stumbled like a drunkard to one of the few jetbikes set on stands. Svent climbed onto the handlebars of one and soared off to join the shining spears as they darted through the dome. Drasi stood smoothly and pulled on his helmet. He walked over to the jetbikes and climbed onto his. It was black and unreflective and he mounted with an ease born of long practice.

He activated the engine and felt the bike raise itself ever so slightly off the ground. He kicked back the stand and gunned the accelerator. The bike shot off into the crowd of shining spears and Drasi bent low to the handlebars. He streamed past Svent at a ridiculous speed and the other ranger grinned at him before Drasi curved the jetbike, performing a daredevil manoeuvre that had him darting through the miniscule gap between 2 pillars. He then turned a barrel roll and spun over a pair of shining spears. Their upturned faces registered shock as his jetbike passed within mere inches of their heads. When he levelled out Drasi set the bike into a steep dive, scything through the air less than a metre away from the outermost ranger of the group. He pulled up and flew straight at the roof of the dome. Halfway there he killed the thrust and the bike began to fall back to the ground but when there were barely inches to spare he gunned the engine once more and shot upwards.

He turned the bike to horizontal with out losing any speed and he flew straight at a bar that glittered in the light. One of the shining spears called out that he would kill himself but Drasi merely bent lower to the handlebars. At the last second he pushed off the foot grips, performing a somersault over the bar before landing on the jetbike. Now he was standing atop it and he held the position for a full 25 seconds before dropping back to the seat. He turned and flew back towards Svent and he heard one of the shining spears cry out to his fellow ranger "You need to slow down...your steed is not built for such tolerances!"

Drasi slowed his jetbike until he matched her speed as he shouted to her “don’t bother, the more you try to warn him the more he will do it…”
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