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I've only ever seen point values as well. Another idea would be great.

As for the dice... I'd like to steer clear of typical d6's. These are very very common, somewhat too common, for tabletop games, while d20's are just the same for RPGs.... I'd like ours to be customizable to the point that it could mimick traits from both. But, while I really do like the d20 systems, those dice would simply be too difficult to use en masse on the tabletop. I'm not sure yet how many dice might be required, as we havent delved that deeply into the project, but I do remember that I had little problems with d10s. Using 2d6's would only give results from 2 to 12, leaving off that '1'. I'm sure that we can find something very interesting for that '1' to represent, lol. Still, this is up for reasonable debate.

Keep in mind, that while this is in part my baby, it is as a whole the project of everyone who becomes involved. I'll not play lord dictator, but I'll not let the project get outside of my control either. If it turns out that using 2d6 is the best method for the majority of us concerned with the project, then 2d6 it will be.
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