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Some of my initial thoughts....

d10 system for greater flexibility
Different values across all attributes, to include movement speed
Possible Psionics and other unexplainable phenomenon
Additional attribute along the lines of Divine Intervention that may be able to alter unit circumstances, once per unit per game...
Customization of all lead models to various degrees, ensuring that any actual models very closely resemble the rules/stats for the character the model represents.

But... is the game to continue with a 'skirmish' style setup, or like WHFB, would block units be more enjoyable? A mix depending upon unit? Various types of units as in 40K? Would we limit tech, or but a minimum level into play?

I'd love to see those involved divide into teams.... 5 'basic races' each with 1 to 3 vying factions within those 'basic races', giving us about a dozen possible model ranges to choose from when production and design of the models become a major focus. But first, a basic system design must be set up. We'd need to agree on certain aspects and then go from there.

Would all seriously interested please PM me with your name and what aspects of the hobby/this gaming system you would be most willing to promote.

Ya guys make me feel loved, lol. Cheers!
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