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Awesome Hes, I think it is great that you are willing to invest that much time and effort into this project. Like I said above, I'll help anyway that I can. I'll start with likes and dislikes about the 40k system and maybe with that we can all build from there.

-Fluff/Storyline (I know this kind of stuff is hard to come up with, but we have very creative people here at Heresy and I'm sure they would help)
-Turn Phases
-Different mission objectives
-Wargear to customize your squads
-FoC (possibly with changes, but I don't think any TT game would work well without an FoC)

5th Edition rumours that I like:
-Running - it only makes sense. If a squad can go 6'' on assault it should be able to opt out of shooting to go 6''
-Single Vehicle Damage Chart - the -2 if it is a glancing shot is a pretty cool idea, definately simple and effective
-Ramming - In a real world scenario it seems that if it is a last ditch effort, or your tank is just that much bigger, you could ram a vehicle to destroy it.
-Duck and Cover - choosing to be pinned to recieve a bonus to your cover save

-Locked in CC - I think if any group was in CC with something that they had no ability to hurt that they would try to fall back and regroup with new weapons. This could be set up so you could choose to leave combat, but may end up taking casualties in the process.
-Base to Base - I think of a CC fight as a whirling combat. If you're buddy next to you killed the 2 guys in front of you don't you think you would push forward and still take your attacks if there are any left alive? I think CC would be better if when assaulted a squad would move in and all of the models would be in combat.
-Champion sniping in CC - I think any HQ should have the option of a retinue who are willing to give thier lives for thier leader, therefore any wounds taken on the HQ can be taken by the retinue instead (similar to SW's actual wolves that used to accompany HQ's, or the way a Chaos lord could take Chaos hounds as a retinue to protect him, only with people of the same race, or even possibly beasts for some races)
-Tanks moving and shooting - I don't know why they ever came up with the firing one weapon plus defensive weapons stuff. A tank should be able to unload no matter what. The movement should drop their accuracy instead of not being able to fire the weapons at all. Granted there are some vehicles (basilisk) that need to be stationary to be loaded and fired, so some vehicles could have special rules if there is anything similar, but the average tank should be able to shoot on the move.

Thats all I've come up with so far, but I'm still sleep deprived. I really like the idea of a fully customizable HQ. Maybe some wargear would be available across the board no matter the race (due to stealing it in a previous combat) I'm sure that there would have to be limitations. I was thinking along the lines of choosing to steal weapons from one particular race only because your army has fought them so much. With that set up you would have your own options for your HQ because of your race, but he and his retinue/champs may each have 1 item from 1 other races wargear selection because they looted the corpses of their kills.

I love the Idea of online free update codecis (or their equivalent) and rule books. That way if there were any noticed problems with the system the staff could edit it and the world would see it the next day, no months of waiting. It would be a nice option to sell rulebooks available for order with a waiting period, in case someone wanted an actual book instead of a notebook full of printed paper. You could even add artwork and fluff to this edition that isn't in the online version to give the buyers a little bonus for contributing.

I don't like the idea of rule sets in the box. These could end up outdated by the time the box leaves the shelf, plus your codex would be made up of a bunch of loose sheets of paper which would inevitably get crumpled/lost.

If you do get it to the production phase an option of painted or unpainted may be a big hit. I know most TT games that I see that come pre-painted don't look very good, but some people just want to play the game and don't enjoy the modelling/painting aspect. If there is an option it may draw more players. Granted the pre-painted models wouldn't look as good as a well painted army, but that would be consumers choice at that point.

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