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My main problem is that GW has a GREAT opprotunity to create the best miniatures game in the world. They have the backing and the staff and the resources but they fail to balance it. They dance around their ultimate system to make more money. AND take all mine....

As far as creating a new system goes I am here to discuss anything possible to help!

I love the idea of a customizable HQ unit and i think they could be a single model a unit or a series of units. Maybe depending on gameplay style or race?

Some ideas ive had is to create a system that incorporates ground battles and space battles? I would love to see a game have easier and more in depth campaign scenarios, but with a cheap introduction fee. Rules for the units on their respective boxes??? Ex. Open up your box of Archangel Jumptroops and Voila I see all their rules. Codexs sold online for 1$ like the game Urban Warfare. FREE updates similar to LOTRO..... I want a living codex and rulebook online.

Combat- DIVERSE... ranges and close and magic combat.... i wish their was something more but i cant think i woke up 10 min ago lol

How about no magic? Maybe the magic in the game is by manipulating fear of the enemy?

Cheap starter boxes with the rules in them. I cant express how mush i want this i would instantly start a game if this were the case.

Make it very customizable. Make a rulebook and haev people use their various models from different games until you could produce your own? (Its damn expensive)

Have lots of units and races and cool looking minis is incredibly important and have them all PLASTIC.

Hespithe I think you could do this and im willing to help with anything hit me up on msn if u want to brainstorm- [email protected]

MAKE it FLUFFY i love the fluff and i think its a great part of a game

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