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I think most of you guys have a fair idea of what I'm on about, but have not quite hit the mark.

Yes, I think that 40K is actually a pretty good system. Yes, I think that GW is slowly moving in the wrong direction with this system. Yes, I think that GW's priorities and not their systems are the true problem. No, I do not want to copy a GW system or homebrew my own version of 40K.

I'd like to start from scratch. It can be as simple as a combined era game, something like 40K and WHFB together, or something more streamlined. That would depend on what those of you who give serious thought to your hobby time, effort, dollars, and enjoyment decide is the proper direction.

With the proper team providing input and posneg feedback, I'm more than willing to spend hours a day, everyday, for the next year to make this work as a standard rules system that WE can enjoy, and that will not need to be tweaked to the point that the game becomes frustrating for those who have invested into it. Rules Lawyers and play-testers will be needed in the mix, as well as those who enjoy both 'friendly' and competitive gaming.

I like the 'truly customizable' HQ option, though would this be a single model, a unit, or a series of units? What would you guys prefer, keeping in mind the games you like and what about those games really makes you happy to play them. Also keep in mind the concepts you do NOT care for, and ways to eliminate them or lessen their impact on the system.

As far as love/hate for GW... that does not exist. I just feel that GW is losing my interest by setting priorities that do not include my interests within this hobby. GW as a major supplier must assume that it is 'their' hobby, and they have stated thus in their WD publication. That is simply not true, though they do 'lead' the hobby in many aspects. Tabletop Miniatures Gaming is much bigger than GW, and the leader of the pack is falling back. I'd like to make a system that attracts older gamers to a solid, customizable, and truly enjoyable gaming experience.

I'd rather do it with the help of my friends here, and appreciate any that is offered.

Please keep in mind that this is not intended to be a debate over my opinions of GW or on gaming as a whole. This thread is for the development/brainstorming for our own gaming system.
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