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Kendra sat in silence as she and other seers sat in the mystical dome of seers. They all sat their meditating as the farseer sought for the best course of action from now on. Kendra had her eyes closed as she waited for his verdict. She was a young and ambitious warlock, a new one so to speak. Kendra found that the energy output was easy for her to manage and she was surprised at this. She was sure that it had something to do learning from her mother, constantly watching her, plying her with questions and such. She was a patient person, having learnt that from her father as well as her mother who had to concentrate just like the farseer was doing now.

She couldn't track how many hours had gone by that they had been in the dome the farseer was taking his time, but that wouldn't affect her. Kendra was happy to sit here and be calm while everything else traveled fast around her. It was nice to take a little time before the coming storm to reflect, and she would use this time to prepare herself for whatever was coming. The farseer stood and moved which drew the attention of all the esembled warlocks and spirit seers that had sat around him. He deposited his runes before bowing to them, showing that it was time to go to war and see the council.

Kendra stood gracefully, quickly and without a sound, silently stretching her limbs before she would go anywhere. "At last we have our path, now to follow it." She said simply to no one in particular.

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