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Correct me if I'm wrong Hes, but I don't think that the main problem is with the 40k system. It is a solid system that is good, but just not quite dead on. I think a bigger issue that some of us vets have is the fact that we have bought many many (I can't even explain how many) models that are now null and void because GW has changed the rules that drastically. I've pumped well over $300 US into Daemons for my numerous Chaos forces (38 Blood letters, 8 Daemonettes, 6 Plague Bearers, 4 Juggernauts, Great Unclean One, Blood Thirster, Keeper of Secrets, and the Tzeentch greater daemon who's name escapes me at the moment damned 3rd shift) and now they aren't even a part of my army. Sure, I can go out and buy a Daemon's Codex in a bit and buy a bunch more daemon models so that I can field a Daemon army, but thats not why I bought the models. We, as gamers, expect a product that will hold up to the test of time if we are putting that kind of time and money into it. We expect our purchases and conversion work to still be a part of the game a few years down the road. With new codices I've had to remodel quite a few things. They got rid of Juggernaughts as a troop quite a while back, so I took all of mine, pulled the Zerkers off, remodelled them, and made them into Zerker aspiring champs with Axes of Khorne. Now Axes of Khorne don't exist so I have to count them as power weapons. Many Emperors Children players used sonic weaponry on thier tanks and Dreadnoughts, and now all of that conversion work is wasted. Alpha Legion players bought or converted up loads of Cultists and they don't even exist in the 40k universe anymore.

I know I'm only citing Chaos issues, but that is because that is what has hit closest to home for me and what I know the most about. Similar things have happened across the races over time. Any vet has old models that are now sitting on a shelf or sold because they can't really be used as intended. Squats are a great example. Squats were the Space Dwarves. They used to be a race in 40k and now they don't exist. I've got some old Ork models with Lascannons... take a look through the Ork codex and see if any of them can carry Lascannons. I think the bigger issue here is that GW shouldn't ever make any model that they have supported and sold to the consumer completely obsolete. I understand removing a model from the line because they replace it with a newer version, but making entire armies obsolete is not cool. Anyone who has played an army for years and grown to love it just to have it shat on by GW harbours a bit of a grudge about it. Imagine that GW just decided that Firewarriors don't exist anymore and you're stuck with a couple squads of them. Wouldn't you be a bit annoyed to say the least?

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate GW. I still play 40k regularly, although I enjoy modelling and painting more than I do playing most of the time anymore. I probably won't ever stop playing 40k because it was my first table top miniature game and I have a great fondness for the game and especially the fluff. However, I am sick and tired of my army being changed and having to remodel or buy new models to continue to play it. Hope that explains it, and I hope I'm on the right track here Hes, either way, thats the reason I'm a little sick of 40k.

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