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If there were to be a new game coming out I would like to see tables for creating custom HQ's like how the space marines can create custom traits. at the moment I can't think of any other gameplay changes... but as for the models I would like to see a dramatic drop in price for these lumps of plastic that we like so much that probably cost 50 cents to make. The direction Space Hulk was going in seems like a good idea.. if it starts out as a board game and then gets expanded upon then I believe more people would buy it and less people would think it is related to Dungeons and Dragons. Right now walking into a GW store seems like I'm getting charged for oxygen consumption. $15 for 3 paintbrushes... I bought 5 from target for $1.25 and they work great.

I played a game called Legions of Steel once and it came with a board that looked like puzzle pieces and you cold put them together however you wanted. It would rock if it came with a set board to be expanded upon or replaced completely by 3d terrain. Lol back to brainstorming..

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