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Default Developing a more 'mature' gaming system.

Hello all.

For those who have spoken with me recently, you may have noticed that I am a bit disenchanted with the direction our hobby has taken. This is largely in part to the actions of my primary supplier, Games Workshop, though I have seen the same issues influencing other suppliers as well. I'd not like to leave this hobby, as I think that not only is the hobby an excellent and worthwhile endeavor for me, but I think that the vast majority of the people involved are well worth the knowing. The direction that the companies supplying the hobby have taken should not have such an adverse affect on my enjoyment.

These are some of my 'gripes' concerning the 40K game system and its support...

Inconsistent focus - Frequent change of direction from combat to ranged to vehicle to infantry oriented focus has caused the game to maintain a state of imbalance over multiple editions. While some editions have come close, none have hit the mark, and current trends seem to step even further.

Lack of Good Faith - Purchases made in good faith (i.e. consumers are assured that their purchases will be worthwhile) are often made false by suppliers. Squats are no longer. Traitor Guard are no longer. Genestealer Cults are no longer. Various units have been sold, but never supported, even when hinted by those in authority that they are 'worthwhile' to competitive gamers.

Introverted Leadership - The games and activities involved in our hobby are all directly related. Sales of a collection of models needs to be tied in directly to the rules systems that support said models. The system is a very large part of the hobby and should not be used solely as a marketing strategy for the latest batch of model releases. By ignoring the requests for balance, and instead altering the game system to fit the latest marketing push, the suppliers have failed to look outside their own immediate goals to view the hobby consumers' wishes. Stock Holders will better benefit from the hobby by promoting all aspects of the hobby. By supporting only a single aspect, the balance shifts dramatically, and eventually forces momentum into a downward spiral. Excuses abound, but the truth as I see it is that the personnel in charge of determining the needs of the hobby community have become somewhat introverted, making decisions on their own, and failing to heed the requests of their consumers.

In this thread, I would like to actually hear what we want as gamers and hobbyists. Not only what kind of models or physical aspects of the hobby we want to see, but also what aspects of the hobby we see as lacking that are not represented by models and books.

I'd also appreciate ideas and suggestions on what may make a respectable gaming system for those persons who work for a living and are responsible enough to not fall for GW's White Dwarf propaganda.

What is it you really want, and how can we make it happen?

Maybe, by the end, we will be responsible for forming a 'balanced' gaming system. Maybe we will only achieve a few odd posts. Maybe our gaming suppliers will eventually listen to people who have ideas and are willing to try and improve the hobby. Or, maybe it's just 1AM and poor Hespithe is just sleep deprived...
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