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"I'm not suggesting I could defeat the Exarch," Arthuin responded, though he was distracted by Jae's sudden offensive. He deflected each strike, side stepping and dodging away at oblique angles, never moving more then a single step in any given direction. "She is Exarch for a reason. I'm just saying a defeat at her hands would be worth the emotional release, at this point." He struck back, turning a simple block into a wide loop that threw open her guard. He lunged in, perfectly balanced and poised, driving a series of hard thrusts and cuts at her abdomen. She backed up, expertly recovering, letting each blow come within a hair's width of striking home before redirecting it, turning a momentary disadvantage into nothingness.

It was then, finally, that Arthuin saw an opening. Jae was as tired as he was, and as a result, turned to press the attack to finish the duel. Her strikes were a wild blur, moving almost too fast for him to even deal with; he backed up quickly, his own sabre a blur as it blocked and deflected, his opponent moving too fast to misdirect. He hung on grimly, knowing that he'd have only one chance to finish the bout before she overwhelmed him.

There. Arthuin dropped low, deep into The Viper's Gambit, and at the same time lunged forward and up. Jae's broad stroke that would have theoretically removed his head met empty air and nothingness; even though she easily recovered, it was too late. Arthuin was on a knee next to her, the point of his sabre lightly resting against her stomach. If he had of applied any force to the blow, she would have been completely run through.

Arthuin instantly collapsed back onto the sand, and sighed. "An excellent bout as always, Jae," he breathed. "As memory serves, we are even now."

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