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Jae felt exhilarated, despite the unforgiving regime enforced by Jolinaar, she was struggling to resist the urge to whoop and laugh in enjoyment as she exchanged blows with her able sparring partner. The other eldar was Arthuin, and obviously seemed to not share in Jae's own relish of the challenge. Jae was no fool however, and knew that she could not keep up the demanding physical exertion that was required for much longer, but she would much rather collapse of fatigue rather than show any weakness in front of the exarch.

Jae consistantly repelled all of Arthuin's attacks, but she felt herself tiring and scolded herself for her lack of endurance, she had to gain the upperhand against him or suffer humiliation at his blade. There! As Arthuin slipped into the Wraith of Darkness, Jae noticed his legs tense in preparation for his next move, The Death that Descends, Arthuin my friend you are getting predictable! she thought to herself, noticing his preparation for the move that had almost ended their last spar. Jae easily parried the expected assault, but nonetheless she flinched as the eldar's momentum hammered into wraithbone and buckled her elbows, sending a flash of pain up her arms. Capitalsing on the advantage, Jae launched into the offensive, striking at Arthuin, but the powerful blow had sapped much of her strength, and she saw to that her competition was almost at his limit as well, oh the dishonour if this spar was to end with the two of them sprawled on the floor, felled by their own inadequacy! Suddenley, Arthuin whispered to her "Well, Im exhausted, if Jolinaar says another word to me, Im going to have to challenge her to a duel myself. Jae chuckled quietly to herself, Now that would be a sight! I dare say that I will enjoy watching your defeat at the hands of the exarch, the gods themselves will shudder at the blow your pride will be dealt! Jae smiled mischieviously at the other eldar, " Besides, you have yet to defeat me." With that, Jae swiftly swung at her opponent who shuddered under the sudden blow after swiftly deflecting it with his sword, and as Jae noted with a sense of glee, the competition continued.
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