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Since Jaeriels arrival on Ulthwe, he noticed that many of the aspect warriors of this craftworld constantly watched his every move. Being the only warrior of Biel'tan on Ulthwe he felt somewhat alone, yet also felt fierce pride at being the one to represent his craftworld. After arriving he noticed several other aspect warriors from other craftworlds. They included warriors from Alaitoc, Iyanden, Saim Hann and L'O Ranga. Perhaps he would speak to them in the future about how they felt being seconded to Ulthwe. Moving forward he found himself thinking that this would be the first time he did not fight as a part of the Bahzhakhain(swordwind). As a warrior of Biel'tan, he firmly believed that any other way to commit yourself to battle was foolish. He knew they had many great farseers and warlocks, and was curious to see how they committed themselves to battle with such emphasis on them.

Upon arriving, he found himself immediately guided to the temple of the Warp Spiders to meet with the Exarch of Ulthwe.When he first met the Exarch of the warp spiders, Nestherael, the exarch spoke with him briefly about training. "I know that on Biel'tan your training might have been different, but know this. I will train you as if you are of Ulthwe and I expect you to act accordingly." Jaeriel was grateful of the fact that he would look past the differences in craftworlds and train him as one of their own, yet found himself longing for his own brothers from his craftworld. Again he found himself feeling alone, yet banished the feeling. "there are a great many warriors on Ulthwe, and I would be foolish not to accept the experience training with them will give me." he thought as he made ready to begin training with the others.

Whilst in training he noticed that they were preparing 11 others of his temple to fight in the upcoming struggle. Biel'Tan would never commit 12 Warpspiders to a battle, in fact, he couldnt think of a time they had ever commited more than 5 or 6 of them in any battle in his entire time as a Warp Spider or a Dark Reaper."This conflict must be more serious than i initially expected" he thought. During a break in the training he posed a question out of curiousity to another of the temple he knew of as Othuen. "Does your craftworld always commit this many of the warp spider aspect to battle?" he asked. While waiting for an answer, he inwardly could not help wishing the time for training to end, and glorious battle and bloodshed to begin. This scared him somewhat, but deep down in his soul, he knew it felt right

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