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Svent had been listening to the same droaning tales of past battles and glory of his fellow eldar that traveled down the path of the outcast. Many of them seemed enthralled at the notion of the stories. They were all bewitched by tales of bravery, cunning, and excitement. But for Svent, they were just words, words upon words upon words upon countless words. This was possibly why he was hanging upside down in a tree as he listened, at least this helped keep his mind off of some things... However a sound caught his attention though he made no outward notion that it did. His eyes looked to his fellow outcast, Drasi, and he smiled under his helm's neon orange paint.

Slipping from his perch as if he had fallen out of clumsiness he'd plummet to the ground only to flip about and land on his feet as if in a drunken manner, stumbling and hobbling to the side a bit as he miandered in a different direction for a moment. Eyes looking up to the sky as several objects passed overhead.

As his dizziness seemed to drive him, he stumbled over to a pair of jetbikes to brace himself. Looking up only to receive the words of challenge, a grin spiraled across his face. Reaching up behind his helm and under his hood he'd slide his fingers across a few controls as he stepped up onto the bike.

Now one was normally supposed to sit on a bike, grip the handles, and brace themselves. Svent however just stood on it like a stool as he looked up towards those soaring overhead. "Hey!" Shouted one of the other outcasts as Svent placed a foot on the handle bar, just a inch from the accelerator. "Get down from there, you'll heart yourself" The Outcast would call, Svent just moved his foot and hit the accelerator and throttled the bike, causing it to take off abruptly, soaring into the air.

Surprisingly enough Svent stayed in his pose for at least twenty seconds as he soared into the air to catch up to the shining spears that soared overhead. Catching up to the tail end of the group he went from his pose where his foot was mounted up on the handle bars (Close to a Captain Morgan stance). By this time Svent was loosing his footing, balancing like that at speed was a pain in the ass, though for sheer mocking purposes, he kept to his stance for as long as he could.

Just as he was going to loose his grip Svent changed his positioning, turning round quickly to sit on the handle bars as he revved the throttle with his hands, back facing the rest of the shinign spears as he looked to his side and waved at the spear he was now passing before turning his head back to his front, and the bike's back. What Svent was doing was wreckless, anyone with a brain could see that, Svent however didn't seem to care. He was just having fun. Had to kill the time somehow right? And story time only worked so well.

Mounting the bike in Earnest now Svent maxed the throttle, shouting out in glee. "I HAVE GOT TO GET ME ONE OF THESE!" In truth he had one... unfortunately he crashed his old one after a Guardsmen's rocket smacked into it. Been looking for a new one ever since.

looking to the shining spears he'd shout over to them as he zipped along. "Challenge Accepted Ya Poncy Gits! Now Let's See what ya Got!"

((sorry for controlling the NPC, in hindsight, i think most people would say something similar))

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