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Default Life on the Path (IC)

Maechu was still and silent as he sat in meditation. The Dome of Crystal Seers resounded steadily to his heartbeat as his mind became a part of it and it a part of him. As he watched, and read the runes flowing before his eyes, he was reminded of the great and powerful seers of the past who had once held this exact position when they had scried the strands of fate to guide Ulthwe.

Briefly, his mind wandered to thoughts of Eldrad Ulthran. The venerable old seer had seen Ulthwe through times of great sorrow and danger with the accumulated wisdom of many millennia. Now, he was gone, and the task fell to Maechu and his kin. Involuntarily, the seer`s hand gripped the spirit stone that he held clutched at his side. It had been given to him by Eldrad a short time before the Despoiler`s thirteenth crusade had begun and Eldrad himself had been lost. With Ulthran`s death, the stone had faded and become a hollow shell, but it still served to remind Maechu of the great seer and instill him with courage and drive.

Snapping immediately to focus, he glanced across the runes, bidding them to freeze in midair before him. The positioning was unmistakeable. He nodded, knowing now the path ahead. He dismissed the runes and they fell back into the pouch at his hip. Only now did he acknowledge the others in the chamber with him. A circle of warlocks and spiritseers looked back at him and he acknowledged them with a bow. It was time to address the war council.

Kendra and Requiel are among these apprentice seers and will have been here for the past several hours. Was it strenuous, or did you cope with the energy output easily? What are your thoughts on the farseer`s reactions to the runes. Are you concerned or are you relieved that he has divined a course of action?

At this time, the Exarchs of the various temples have been training their warriors relentlessly in preparation for the conflicts to come. Due to the amalgamation of warriors from various craftworlds, some of the exarchs have been reformed as honour guard units for the various theater commanders spread across the region. This leaves the aspect warriors to form mixed units from seperate craftworlds.

Jaeriel and Othuen have both been training under the Warp Spider Exarch Nestherael of Ulthwe, who is Othuen`s normal teacher. Jaeriel, how do you feel about training under an exarch from a foreign craftword? Do you approve of his methods or do you prefer your old mentor? Othuen, what is your opinion on amalgamating the squads? Ten fellow spiders are training alongside the two of you, an unprecedented squad size for any typical battle. Do you feel this is warranted or overkill?

Arthuin and Jae are both training under Exarch Jolinaar. Her usual regime has been cast aside and she no pushes you harder than she ever has before, impressing on both of you the urgency of advancing your skills as fast as possible. The seven other diciples are showing signs of fatigue, and the two of you are close to your limits as well. You both understand the significance of the coming threat, but do you agree with Jolinaar`s harsh methods? The two of you are sparring with each other, and the exarch`s attention is elsewhere, so you can speak to each other softly if you have any wish to.

Carane and her squad have been dismissed from training, the Exarch Raekinel decreeing in disgust that no facilities are adequate to his regime here. Instead, he has instructed you and the others to use the primary dome as a training ground. You and four others of your aspect are even now soaring above the rooftops and weaving through the low hung archways to hone your skills. You pass a group of rangers loitering in a small park below. Maybe it would be fun to issue a challenge to them?

A small group of rangers had gathered in the central park of Ulthwe`s primary recreation dome and were enjoying each other`s company and tales of adventure. Those fresh on the path bathed in the experience and awe inspiring presence of the older pathfinders, the legendary corsair Orlath among them. As he recounted the tale of his fleet`s victory against the Splinter Fleet of Hive Fleet Serpent, a group of Jetbikes soared overhead...

Drasi and Svent are sharing in the jovial atmosphere of the gathering when the shining spear diciples pass overhead. If you are up to the challenge, you can don one of the nearby jetbikes and join in their aerial acrobatics, if your own skills are up to the task of course. Alternatively, you can simply stay where you are and keep learning what you can from Orlath.

--- --- ---

(ooc: ALL: This is a quick and easy beginning, a chance for some character interaction and development. Since there is not much to do at this stage, I will aim to have the next update posted in a week`s time.

Also, be aware that your actions and attitudes will influence how quickly or slowly you will advance along your chosen path. )

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