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I think it is a deliberate policy. It serves to allow them to stick with a single iconic force and give more room to players to develop their own chapters.

In your example lets say GW make as much artwork for the Raptors chapter as to the Ultramarines. I am confidant in beliving that most forummers would also complain the Raptors get too much attention and them and the Ultramarines would be joint first in GW fanboyness (if such a term exists).

Similarly they cannot simply give very sparse amounts to every known chapter because it is necessary for every force given to have one specific iconic force to follow behind. Chaos have Black Legion, Dark Eldar have Kabal of the Black Heart, Orks have the Waagh! Thraka, Tau have the Tau sept and the Tyranids have Hive Fleet Leviathan as examples.

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