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Default Absence of Art: Raptors

i thought i'd slip this into the general 40k area because well, art is how we largely know the warhammer 40k universe. we can only get so much from the words of the codex and the words of the books, so on that little bombshell the Gretchen was clinging to, i have a question.

where is the love for the "lesser" chapters of the space marines? yes we have the emperor's favorite children the ultra marines. yes we have the black Templar, well sorta have the black Templar, not much of their art but a lot more than others. and then we've got the space wolves... but where are the other chapters in regards to art? where is their stage so they can get up on the podium and shout for the emperor?

ok excessively odd analogies aside, why dont you guys (and girls) think there are more space marine chapters that are featured in art? are they just not fun to draw? is a iron hand with all his mechanical augmentations not interesting to look at compared to the pristine true blue of the ultra marine? would you not enjoy seeing a raptor (chapter) slicing into a ork in his abnormal paint pattern armor complete with the additional air filters attached to his helm? or is the allure of a black Templar dreadnaught smashing a ork into the ground with his fist all that much more, alluring?

also, where are the images of the sharks at the beach while one throws a stick to a couple of space wolves just so they can get into the spotlight? come on, you know it's tempting to throw a stick at the space wolves and just say "fetch".

if you guys know where to find some decent stuff, please, enlighten me. share the grace of the emperor's light with me so i am not denied his love. because right now deviantart seems like it's the depths of the warp. colorful, but devoid of a lot of things.

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