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Default Armored vehicle squadrons

Played a game the other week. First turn, first move of the game.Went to drive 2 leman russ(squadron) on to the top of a hill. Rolled for difficult terrain for both tanks. Bloody snake eyes.
According to the rules a roll of one is an imobilised result and if the vehicle is part of a squadron it is destroyed. As the squadron is 2 vehicles and the results were obtained sumultaneously it could be argued that both tanks are imobilised and hence destroyed. On the other hand it could also be argued that one is destroyed, reducing the squadron to one vehicle which is imobilised. When it happened we played it as both destroyed. I still managed to eke out a win but I wondered how others would have dealt with this. I guess the trick is to roll for each tank individually and apply the results one at a time.

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